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According to research on insurance companies, many of these places will randomly pick numbers when quoting for rates, which is a way for them to offer their clients the worst premiums to their customers, and many of those people need insurance so they will pay the high rates. This information has proven that companies that promise "the best rates for our customers" are in fact not doing that. They are just using that slogan to pull in buyers for their coverage.

I bet you are wondering how we can tell you that the information that we are giving you is indeed the facts. Well, the surveys that have been conducted have combined and researched prices quotes from over 15 insurance companies that are considered the top companies to insure with. The factors that are being used to calculate this insurance rates are gender, experience, occupation, age and high-risk drivers.

These are the normal factors that any insurance agency uses but some of the top companies are playing a little loose with the numbers. These numbers that we have found from many agencies can only be explained that they are being picked at random because of the wide variety of the rates when the drivers are close in all aspects of driving but pay rates that are vastly different.

Many insurance agencies refused to be a part of the study, contacting former employees have given us information that we can use for this study. It shows that insurance companies want to hide that they are cheating their clients out of their hard-earned money so that they can have insurance on their cars. Everyone who drives has to have insurance and these companies know that so they find a way to make more money off people who have to drive to do everyday things.

There are many companies that will just lump a few extra hundred dollars onto quotes for no good reason other than the fact that they want to make more money. For example, a professional accountant who drives a small car with an alarm and he is a safe driver with no claims for ten years and his rate is expensive but if you change his profession to a professional wrestler or sports player it is automatically 175 dollars cheaper. So this is proof that insurance companies are just randomly assigning costs to different types of work fields.

So when you are going to insure your car make sure that you know what every dollar you are paying is for, ask other people who are also being insured by this company what their rates are and compare them to what the company is quoting you. Everyone needs insurance but you do not need to be scammed and have your hard earned money stolen from you by these big businesses just looking to make a quick dollar off of your back. So take your time and find the best rate for yourself.

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