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Insurance on your car is an expense that every driver has. This expense is something that cannot be avoided, however, sometimes you have to wonder why your premium is so high. Well, the simple answer to that is insurance changes from person to person. The thing about car insurance is that there are many factors that are calculated to form your rate. They want to calculate if the person will file a claim. People who are deemed low risk are given lower rates and high-risk persons are given high rates it is as simple as that.

Driving history is one of the huge things that are calculated when your getting insurance. If you have been in an accident or have several traffic tickets, you are sure to pay a higher rate (at least for a while until those tickets are paid off and you are accident-free for a period of time).

These things also play a factor in insurance premiums. Insuring someone who is male is something that will cost a bit more because of statistics females are better at following the rules of the road. Also, age, teenagers, and young adults can be sure that their rates will be more than someone who has had a clean driving record for many years.

This is something new that has been added into the factors of insuring a person to drive not only will bad credit affect your rate but also not credit history will affect it as well. Meaning people with fair to good credit score will have lower premiums and pay less.

Marriage status, make and model of your car and also the distance you drive every day to play a roll in to cost of your insurance. The longer you are on the road means there is more of a chance that you will get a ticket or into an accident, so people who spend more time driving will, in the end, pay more. As well as your cars make and model, people who drive expensive cars will pay more because they cost more to fix.

If you drive a sports car you will pay more, because they are built to go faster but also if your car is extra heavy then you can expect to pay a higher rate as well. This is because if you were to get into an accident with this vehicle you can do more damage to yourself and others. Marriage status plays a role as well this factor is not as harsh as many of the others but if you are married you will pay a lower rate because you are expected to be more careful on the road.

There are many things that factor into insurance premiums and cost of being insured so make sure before you go out and buy a new car to check with your insurance agency to see how you can get the best rates and deals.

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