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As an Independent South Florida Insurance Broker, Gordon Light gathers quotes from hundreds of insurance companies to ensure that you get the policy that best fits your needs at the rate that best fits your budget.

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As an Independent Insurance Professional, Gordon Light gathers quotes from hundreds of insurance companies so that you get the best rates available.

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Life Insurance

According to research on insurance companies, many of these places will randomly pick numbers when quoting for rates, which is a way for them to offer their clients the worst premiums to their customers, and many of those people need insurance so they will pay the high rates. This information has proven that companies that promise "the best rates for our customers" are in fact not doing that. They are just using that slogan to pull in buyers for their coverage. Read More on Life Insurance Company

Health Insurance

Insurance on your car is an expense that every driver has. This expense is something that cannot be avoided, however, sometimes you have to wonder why your premium is so high. Well, the simple answer to that is insurance changes from person to person. Read more about health insurance company

Affordable Life Insurance

Selling your home can be time-consuming and problematic, however, if your thinking of putting your home on the market here are a few things that will make it easier to sell. Read More about Affordable Life Insurance

Affordable Insurance

Everyone knows that life happens, sometimes you have to break the speed limit to get to work on time or get to that important doctor's appointment. No, I'm not telling you to break the law but let's be honest sometimes it happens. Sometimes traffic even moves faster then what is posted and you have to move at the speed of traffic so that you don't cause an accident. Read more on Affordable Insurance

Insurance : Insurance Extras

Naturally, not every insurance extra is necessarily a deal. If you want some good coverage without spending every last nickel you have, this is what most experts would tell you to get – and what you can skip. Read More about Insurance Fort Lauderdale

Insurance : Equitable life insurance

Equitable life has announced the results of its 2017 financial outcomes and they have exceeded its previous archives in nearly every way financially possible. Read More about Equitable Life Insurance

Life Insurance : Long Term Care Insurance

The market for long-term care insurance, which covers the costs of some in-home health care, has had a rough month. One provider announced that it would not sell any more policies; another is headed toward insolvency, with billions of dollars in liabilities needing to be assumed by someone else. Read More about Life Insurance

Insurance needs to change along with your Life

Insurance is highly recommended by most professional people and ordinary people to. It is put in place to protect you from financial situations you do not want to be in. Life Insurance Read more.

Homeowners Insurance Outpacing Mortgages

Vermont has been voted 16th by Vermont business magazine for being the worst national insurance based company in the world when it comes to homeownership. On average the price for auto insurance is $665. Going back three years, it was 5% cheaper to take out auto insurance in Vermont. During this period Vermont had a raise of 12.8 percent, the total became $844 Homeowners Insurance Outpacing Mortgages Read more. Insurance-needs-to-change-along-with-your-life.php

Would you like to protect your home?

you may not receive adequate compensation, in case of an error or you may need to pay higher premiums. Would you like to protect your home? Read more. Insurance-needs-to-change-along-with-your-life.php

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